Sound Tribe’s musical context can be contoured with: avantgarde, electro-acoustic, live-electronic, instrumental abstract music, improvisation, field recording, noise. All in all we are lovers of non-conformity, with a certain affinity for electricity. Not to forget, transmediality, video, and possible collaborations play an important role. Sound Tribe can hardly be objectified. Or, in other words, Sound Tribe is a tiny part within a relatively small field and still holding on to some sense of cosmic, mystical spirituality.

«Music consists of sound; unchanging and unchanged, it expands in space. Attention is not trained on the individual event but wanders in space, laying claim to space just as sound does. Composition and space merge, and both are components of a sonic situation without temporal direction, a situation that may even be unbounded and, through its very presence, determined by sound, space and listeners. Memory is shaped less by the individual details than by a situation in which one has spent a certain period of time.» — Jürg Frey

presented by doru649
date — 15 january
start — 20:20
place — Shambala, ART-LABYRINTH HOUSE
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