Rules and features of the festival Rules and features of the festival

Rules and features of the festival

1. 1. Participation – Art-Labyrinth is all about participation, getting involved and actually making the festival. There’s no space for consumer culture here, so don’t settle for being a spectator – get your hands wet! What comes into being out of that is an alchemical anthill, where everybody belongs to the creative process and can share its flowering – the festival. Here are some ways to participate:

• Involvement in the cultural part – master classes, concerts, helping in the events department.
• Land-art dimension – use your creative side or just your physical fitness to transform the space of the festival by means of land-art.
• Volunteering – help us organize and administer the festival. Jobs like ecology watch, cooking and security are absolutely essential to a gathering like this one.
• Donate a 80 lei amount, if you don’t feel like getting too involved.

You can help now! Take notice: to become a volunteer you need to apply beforehand. It is important that we know you’re coming- it will help us distribute tasks and missions effectively. To sign — call before June 25. Tel: 079511671

2.Ecology of consciousness Be warned: the Festival territory is an alcohol and drug-free zone. No substances involved in altering your state of consciousness are allowed, neither persons in drunk/ stoned condition tolerated.

Festival rules:
• Do not bring any amount of alcoholic beverages to the Festival.
• Feel free to interfere if you find others are ignoring this rule.
• Any Festival participant has the right to ask the persons abusing and taking alcohol, as well as persons acting violent and incoherent, to leave the territory.

Alcohol/ drug abuse and the Festival — how we see it:

1. The world is a learning place, a place where we meet the new, growing and expanding, enjoying the journey.
2. The Festival is a place/ space, where you can learn lots of new interesting things, try some new ways, experience some new creativity, have some new sensations.
3. In order for that to happen, one needs space inside. If you can clear away the old barriers (habits like alcohol or drugs), immediately, you can fill your space with the new and exciting (there will be lots of that stuff and the whole choice is yours)
4. You get some totally new experiences in all possible areas – communicating
with new people, participating in new masterclasses / workshops, get new hobbies or skills, enjoy the new music and artistic events, that make you feel new things. It’s a growth experience, you evolve as an individual AND you have fun while you do that. That’s so much more worth it, than a drunken haze.

5. NOW IF you choose to go with an old habit, like drinking in order to make yourself more social/relaxed/confident – whatever, what you really get is – nothing. Nothing new. Old habits die hard, but you can stop supporting them, now. Or stay the same old you and miss all the fun. In this case, better miss it at home.
6. Your energy goes where your attention moves. SO, give your attention to the light, creative, beautiful and meaningful things. The Festival is meant for it.

Have a great time!

3. We are as nature-friendly as possible – The places we choose are almost uncivilized, wild, hardly touched by human presence. We live in tents and cook on open fires. We still use some elements of the wise, ancient cultures and we take the best civilization has ever flowered into – the arts, the crafts, the creativity. There’s a secure parking space far from the camp, to keep the cars away. We are aware of being mere guests in the Nature, that’s why we stay eco-conscious, not using detergents by the river/springs, never cutting green branches, absolutely NOT burning or leaving behind anything plastic or synthetic. Bring no junk, leave no junk. We burry the organic waste and glass, the rest will be collected by all and then taken to a special factory. Be simple, be natural and nature will pay your effort back. Leave the space a little cleaner than you found it.

4. Bring your own sleeping bag and tent.

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