Festival program


Most people who come to our festival want not just to look and listen, but also to develop their creativity, discover something new – this is why there are workshops as one of the main components of the concept of Participation rather than consumption. This year’s workshops will be conditionally divided into four categories: Applied arts and crafts, Spiritual practices, Active-creative workshops, Cognitive-thinking workshops.

Applied arts
and crafts
Spiritual practices

Art Stage

Those who missed last year’s art scene — were out of luck. It was interesting and varied. Now we’ll have something much cooler, as artists promise. Performances and interactive poetry readings, acrobatic yoga shows, stage dances and plastic improvisation. At night movie — documentary of young Moldovan filmmakers and «world» complex. Much of the festival in general. We recommend not to miss.

Movie Literature Night

Plastic Improvisation
Acrobatic Yoga

Music on art-stage:

Bard (Izmail)
minstrel songs

acoustic program

Music stage

      Friday, 29 June:

    • Hering und seine sieben Sachen (Germany)
    • Sined Lamas (Kiev)
    • Solnechnoe Spletenie (Odessa)
    • Всеволод Королюк & Friends
    • Satori
    • Чеснок и Лимоны
    • Sound Trans-Kripshan
    • Sonix
    • Saturday, 30 June:

    • Black To Comm (Germany)
    • Flamingo Creatures (Germany)
    • Olovo (Chernovtsy)
    • Jolly’s (Odessa)
    • Sweet mama`s jamma mojo juice
    • Eco do Sul
    • SunRebel
    • Huckleberry Finn

      Sunday, 1 июля:

      Jam stage. The big session, moves from the music camp to the stage. And here will be playing mainly musicians that are not part of the «festival» bands.

Performances and more

Here will be displayed events that do not fit under the sections mentioned above.

    • Theater on stilts «Der Gulliver»
    • Fire show from theater of fire «SANSARA»
    • Knight’s battles
    • Medieval shooting range
    • Trible dance/Dance of the Soul
    • Tours

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