Facilities and infrastructure


Big tent
The place for spiritual practices and meditation.
It is a very large round tent, mounted on four five-meter pillars. At the top of the poles there is fixed a metal ring with a diameter of about one meter from which in the eight-way are comming down tightly stretched strong ropes. To them is mounted in a certain way a cross-linked dense tissue, which at a distance of 2 meters from the land descends vertically to the ground. This part of the fabric is the tent´s wall, and, if necessary, can be raised (in the case of heat, or a large number of people). The top of the tent is made in the form of a small pagoda and is separately attached to the bearing ring. The entrance is made in Chinese tradition, is attached to two poles decorated in the form of spears. Due to the height of pagoda inside the tent, it is possible to make the fireplace and light the fire, which has its own symbolics.

Main Fire — Tribal Space

— A large central fire and continuous drums. The place awakens in us something a long time forgotten, that lies in the depths of our subconsciousness. Archaic in all the senses — we see the fire, with hands we feel the skin of the drums, the smell of the smoke and the taste of spring water — and of course the music is played only on archaic instruments.

Indian tipii (wigwam)

Indian tipii (wigwam)
Monument to Native American culture, with partial restoration of everyday life and holding up to 25 people. Is placed next to the central fire. It is a large round tent mounted on 9 six-meter poles, with a hole, and with the valves at the top that allows you to make a fireplace inside.


A place where people relax and socialize over tea. It may be appropriate master classes. Issued in the east, to the extent possible Japanese, style tea is served on low tables in ceramic bowls handmade, made in case of rain shelter for up to 30-40 people, in a pagoda. In addition to space for the pagoda, which is the main, drawn 3.5 some small sites in a variety of styles, medieval Europe, medieval Japanese, Indian, Latin American

Master space

Town of Masters, which will be collected and compact reconstructed ancient arts and crafts, and built the furnace, and other necessary structures. Such as pottery kilns, a potter’s wheel, oven bread, a small smithy, a workshop for wood carving, working with leather, making handmade books, manufacture of ancient musical instruments. It organized the main platform for master classes, as well as performing artists exhibitions master-classes.


Indian steam bath — not just a sauna. This is a special ritual, both interesting and mysterious. The most common name Temazcal sweat lodge, or that a nagual language means «house of hot stones.» This room is used not only to warm the body, but contributes to the spiritual unity and purification.

Children Area

— the fruit of the union of two people who have not become us, experiencing the daily transformation and metamorphosis. These alchemists who do not speak of doubt and creative suffering. Their presence at this event, only a positive effect, and this influence is mutual. They are not littered like a completely different consciousness and the free world in terms of life in nature. Children’s playground — a place where they are going to communicate with their peers, and organized them here for a variety of devices close childhood vision of the world. This could result in the child, if necessary, you can leave it under the supervision of the coordinator.

Info Center

— Answer all questions, including the unborn in your head.


— At the festival by car to drop it is impossible — it is one of the rules by which we create and atmosphere. For those who arrive by car — organized by the guarded car parking, on the opposite bank of the River Festival. Check the parking lot from the village Furci, see the map. The road from Trebuzhen will be blocked and guarded, and parking will not be there, so go according to our map. The road from the village for the festival quite broken, do not advise to go by car if you have a very expensive or low-slung. It is safer to use the buses organized by us. Approximate cost of parking in the parking lot — 20-25 lei per day.

Field Dining

For all who find it difficult to cook on fire — and those are many — will have the opportunity to eat in a permanent dining room. Food is simple but tasty. Of course, vegetarian. Utensils appropriate for festivals, decoration, recipes — also a certain culture different from the urban catering spots by its aesthetics and its very essence. Prices are not expensive, first and second course dishes — compote of locally growing fruits and homemade cold kvass.

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