Summer Fest Art-Labyrinth 2012Summer Fest Art-Labyrinth 2012

Fifth Summer Festival of Alternative Culture and Art

«Art Labyrinth»

— The theme of Festival: Five Feelings — FF
— The mission of the Festival: Cleaning the five organs of senses — in order to obtain the integrity of the perception of reality and continuity of consciousness. In the world of electromagnetic waves, pink noise and dirty air, the Summer Festival of Art Labyrinth frees our noses of the combustion gases, our ears from the radio waves, our mouths from conservants, our body from unnecessary and uncomfortable clothes and shoes, and then for the eye is not anymore difficult to see in the dark night.
The basic concept remains the same — the alternative culture, combined with the purity of consciousness, but this year the range of musical culture is expanding its borders covering wild Trible with drums and unfading central fire, as well as avant-garde experimental music and performances which have no analogues. The symbol of the festival was chosen the open hand as a sign of direct contact with reality and the symbol of man.
Moreover 2+0+1+2= we obtain the fifth Festival of Art-Labyrinth

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