Peter J. Birch [ Poland ] in Chișinău / Art-Labyrinth — 15.09

Peter J. Birch

Peter J. Birch – 24-year-old singer/songwriter – has given over 350 concerts, not only all over Poland, but also in Great Britain, Netherland, Italy, Lithuania, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic and Germany. He also played at Heineken Opener Festival (Poland) 2011 and 2013, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe! He played at OFF Festival 2013 (Poland), Melodica Festival 2012 (Germany), Poke Festival 2013 (Slovakia), Sound of Bronkow 2014 (Germany) and many more.
In 2013 his full lenght debut album „When The Sun’s Risin’ Over The Town” was released and got very possitive press reviews all arround Europe! In September 2014 his second album „Yearn” was be released and also got many very possitive reviews. Third album should be in stores in November 2015.
His real name is Piotr Jan Brzeziński. Peter J. Birch lives and composes in Wołów, small town in Poland. You can describe his music as acoustic indie folk, alternative country.
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Место — Арт-лабиринт, Музей Земства, Шамбала
Время: 20:00
Дата: 15.09.2015
Цена входа: леев

Это видео снято во время последнего концерта в прошлом туре по Украине. Через час ребята уже сидели в машине и сквозь ночь возвращались в Польшу, пообещав вернутся.
Не соврали. :) Уверен, что у Молдовы с Питером сложатся не менее теплые отношения.

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