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How can you support us?
What’s the money being spent on?
Transparency in the use of funds
Benefits for contributors
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How can you support us?
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Art-LabyrinthYou can also help us at the Art Labyrinth Cultural Centre.

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What’s the money being spent on?

Art Labyrinth is a non-profit organization. All money is spent only for running costs of the organization. No one receives the income.

The Summer Festival and Cultural Centre Art Labyrinth budgets are divided for convenience, proper planning and analysis. We do not mix them. These are our biggest projects.

1) Summer festival Art Labyrinth – unfortunately, due to the heavy rain, many visitors were not able to reach us in 2018, and the festival has a 3000 euro debt. The money borrowed for the organizing, construction and food has to be returned. In addition, we couldn’t compensate all performers’ travel expenses. The main parts of the festival costs are program and construction/building of Festival itself. We invite artists and masters from all across the world. Most of them visit our festival not for a financial reward, but due to their own interest.
The program costs us around 2-3 thousand euros. Expenses for transport, construction materials, equipment amount to another 4-5 thousand euros. The only ones who we pay are the catering workers, in order to insure service quality. In 2017, the Festival was not profitable too due to problems with planning.


2. Cultural center. In addition to rent and utilities (about 300 euros a month), there are other expenses, such as maintaince of the equipment and the area, materials for different events, and the expenses on services, which cannot be done by volunteers. Coordinators are also not payed, which has an effect not only on the time they are willing to spend in order to help, but also on the effectiveness of their work. We hope that this will change in the future.

Transparency of the received money.

Each donor can keep track of all the donations via URL, which will be sent to his e-mail. The list will contain the name (if indicated), date, amount and method used to donate.

There is a chance that this document will be later published on our website.

Benefits and acknowledgement for our donors

First of all, we are very grateful for your help. It motivates and supports us!

In the future, we have plans of creating a membership card or ‘donors club’ for those, who support Art-Labyrinth, either on a one-time or permanent basis. This will allow the donors to visit our event for free, or with a discount.

Thank you for being with us!