Help and volunteer involvement

Helping the festival

There are things we need in order to make the 2012 festival happen and we would be happy to get them for temporary use. So, if you can help us with
Materials (like tents, building props, big pots and barrels, water containers, etc.)
Equipment (5 KWT generator, speakers, projector, microphones, battery, communicators).

We are happy to receive any of those, even if they are out of order – we know how to fix stuff.

Volunteering in the festival

Friends, the time of the fifth summer Art-Labyrinth festival is coming close. You are invited to take part in making it happen!

Volunteer now and you will:
• Become part of something bigger, an unique and outstanding event like no other festival or gathering in Moldova.
• Feel the togetherness of co-creating and working within a group of artistic and open-minded individuals.
• Have the opportunity of enjoying the whole festival – free of charge!

Take notice: to become a volunteer you need to contact us beforehand. It is important that we know you’re coming- it will help us distribute tasks and missions effectively.

To sign in, please contact Max on telephone number: 079511671

Main fields of tasks for volunteers:

1. Preparation work:
a) Work with clay- manufacturing stuff like bowls and other kinds of inventory for the festival
b) Developing, designing and building all sorts of artistic objects.

Folks wanted:
• With decoration skills, using material like paper, fabric, natural elements.
• With no skills whatsoever.
• With a creative mind, able to imagine and think outside the box, willing to experiment.
Most importantly: we are waiting for individuals, who are willing to share some of their Self and bring it into the festival space.
c) Active folks to monitor different spaces and themes in the festival.

2. Building the festival (sitcamp).
A festival is a small city of its own and it’s the bare hands of the enthusiastic ones that build it. Get you share of fresh air, star shine at night and physical work in the day, that will make your life simple, bright and so Zen for a few days! It’s the back to basics we all long for and every individual, man or woman, is welcome and will make a difference. The building camp goes on for 12 days before the festival starts.

3. Volunteers during the festival: the mastertown, land-art, wood choppers, cooks, info center, welcome center, security and ecology watchers.

This festival is a phenomenon onto itself, it comes and it goes. The driving force behind it might be will, karma or, more likely, a several impatient individuals’ decision that, either we start doing something different now, or it’s never going to happen. That was our attempt and that’s what we keep on doing now – every year and every minute. It’s awesome. Even with its flaws, it is. And the secret is that, this “something different” is not motivated by wanting to make money out of it, it’s just different. Every participant brings their ideas into life, according to their own perception of beauty and purpose. There’s all kinds of people you will meet here, what they all have in common is an altruistic motivation and a longing to express themselves. We are aware that our goals might be hard to reach, but moving in that direction is more than possible. It is all about our potential and the most important part of the formula is the individual, the people, you. SO, if you can hear our calling and you feel like you could be of help – you heard it right. With you, this festival will be better. It’s true and it’s essential. And it’s not your work we are asking for, it’s your creativity.

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